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Our Story

  Award Winning Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist.  Crystal has created radiant looks for over 10 years. She started out in a salon atmosphere as a Hairstylist. While in the salon she found the love of creating beautiful up work for brides and suddenly became one of the top Bridal Stylist there. Crystal decided to focus more on the styling aspect of hair and mastering bridal looks. So with her expertise and passion for hairstyling she worked nonstop to create an amazing travel beauty team that believes in creating beautiful art.



Our Vision

Our talented team looks at every updo, haircut, and blow dry as a masterpiece. We continue our education to bring you the best that the beauty industry has to offer you. We pay very close attention to detail which makes our up work very intricate and beautiful. We feel that every bride should be pampered on her wedding day so we will bring all of the beauty elements to you on your wedding day.
Let your fairytale begin hair!

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